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Meet Elvis,who wants to Build Softwares to help Ghana Security agencies

Elvis is a graduate of the University for Development Studies, where he pursued a bachelor’s degree in Social Change Communication.

Elvis – picture credit Campus 247 news

He works with the ICT department of Nyankpala Campus — UDS and he is currently the Manager for the Campus Radio (Radio Grin). He is a sound engineer and also into hardware and a little bit of software. Elvis is also a computer networking specialist.

As a child growing into adolescent, Mr. Asamoah Ofosu was so much drowned into anything relating to sports, however, along the path, his passion shifted onto issues relating to investigations thus, his current position as manager of Radio Grin at UDS. His dream was to ask questions to unravel the mysteries of the destitute and give voice to the voiceless.

Having an applaudable background in I. T., Elvis’s dream of being a radio personality has not been such a tough one, since he has been able to use his ICT background to fit into the sector. Due to his perseverance, he manages radio Grin at UDS.


As manager of the only campus-based radio station in Nyankpala; Radio Grin, Elvis envisions the station to be able to have a wide transmission throughout Tamale, its surrounding towns and villages and be the mouthpiece of the University for Development Studies in information flow.




The several ill news articles written about UDS and its under-reportage has been attributed the poor publicity by the University’s Communications Department by many. Elvis is currently working hard with the department and other media houses with regard to the under-reportage to give a new phase to UDS in Ghanaian media sphere.


Meanwhile, the station is currently lacking equipment which hinders its smooth functioning. Some of the machines there, needs to be changed in order to have smooth transmission for a broader audience reach. He is therefore calling on the administration to come into the scene and help build the station into a standard radio station.


In recognition of his hard work in the field of radio, Elvis was a nominee for ‘Best Male Radio Personality of the Year’ at the maiden edition of the ITEA, which he won.


Even though the road was tough as he revealed, God was behind him throughout. He revealed that he almost withdraw from the competition ” … I nearly stopped the competition because it got difficult along the road.” Elvis recalled.


To him the award conferred on him is only a wake-up call to him to rekindle his ambition as a radio personality and work towards becoming one of the radio icons of the nation… “I know we have just started and there is more ahead to achieve.” he added.


In a close interview with campus 247 news Mr. Elvis, he lamented severely on how students are trained in ICT in our schools.


“… It is sad to talk about IT in Ghana. The only problem in Ghana is that, we love I.T, but how we go about it, especially how we train the children in ICT is really poor.” he stated.


Mr. Elvis also pointed out that, instead of using ICT to develop softwares that will be helpful in education, agriculture, commerce, entrepreneurship, the youth of today are rather using their little skills in I. T. in internet fraud.


Meanwhile, he still believes and hope the phase will change soon and he is calling on fellow techies to use tech for developmental issues that can help Ghana’s economy, education standards, etc.




He is also appealing to government to establish a tertiary institution that runs solely I. T courses with practical-oriented methodologies that can help Ghanaian students with interest in the sector. He I’d encouraging I. T. specialists to develop softwares for security database as it is part of his dreams.


“One of my dreams in Ghana is developing a database where we can match images in Ghana and locate where persons who commit crimes are so that the security services can apprehend such people.” he added.


Elvis also advises friends and everyone to be able to find where they excel better and build a future from it. In his final statements, he added that ” … Life becomes how we make and unmake it. We must know how to live it.

There is one thing I always have at the back of my mind “If it must be done, then it must be done well”.

There is always hope since we have life.”


Elvis still works at the ICT Department of UDS and he is not relenting on his dream to build a software to help the security database of Ghana and beyond.


Source; Campus 247 news

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