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Team Gadafi Petitions UDS – NYC Electoral Commission

Team Gadafi petitioned the Electoral Commission of the University after they felt that the Electronic Voting System was compromised in the run off elections which took place today August 10, 2020. Students went to the polls on the 6th of August 2020 to choose their next SRC/NUGS leaders. Expectations were not met after the candidates in the presidential race failed to meet the 50 plus one percentage. The Electoral Commission announce a run off which took place on Monday, August 10,2020.


In the middle of the day, Abdul Razak Gadafi, one of the presidential candidates petitioned the EC citing challenges that he believed would mar the elections. The petition made references to some cadres who hacked students portals to vote for them without their notice. A matter which was expected to be tackled by the software engineer and other stakeholders after complaints had been lodged. Also, in the early hours of the voting, the position of candidates’ numbers changed.


In a circular from the “Team Gadafi”, it avered categorically that it would pursue the case for justice to be served.


Meanwhile voting has officially ended with Christopher Otoo leading with 61.83% whilst Abdul Razak Gadafi scored 36.82%.


The Electoral Commission is yet to announce the winner of the election or the students would go back to the polls if they consider the petition filed by Abdul Razak Gadafi’s team.


Below is the petition.


Source: Sulemana Hamza|Campus24/7 News

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