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MP Aspirant, Adu Mensah Prince Rolls Out His Policies For Kotei Gyinase Constituency

The Electoral Commissioner, Respected People of Kotei Gyinyase, I ADU MENSAH PRINCE Through this medium Present to you my policy document which entails the policies I plan to bring on board when elected into Office as the Member Of Parliament for Kotei Gyiyase Constituency.


To Make Living Conditions of Residents comfortable and prioritize Capacity Building in my Constituency.


My Vision for this Office is to be an agent for the realisation of the aspiration of my people , and to make threat free and Safe Constituency.


FIRST OF MY POLICIES IS OFF CAMPUS SECURITY, According to the Non Residential Constitution ,Article 5 specifically the aims of the UNRC Constitution spell out that To formulate and implement strategies and solutions towards addressing on and off campus security. This means security is one of the top priority pertaining to Non Residential students .
According to the Non Residential Constitution, Article 10 specifically the duties of the Member Of Parliament spells out that Shall in conjunction with the SRC Head of Security, be in charge of the security of Students on and off campus.
Acccording to the Non Residential Constitution , Article 14 specifically the Finance and Auditing Of the Office spells out that 80% of the total funds allocated to the UNRC shall be channeled into off campus security.


Many students living off campus face this problem either being attacked by armed Robbers on their Way to hostel or being attacked at their hostels due to the unavailability of security officers at some hostels. Some Hostel porters even double as security officers but cannot rise to the occasion and perform such duty too.


To Help curb this problem , Every Hostel Manager will be tasked to hire at least two security officers at the their hostel which they will run on a shift system where one comes in the morning and the other comes in the evening, This applies to Registered hostels in the Constituency. Students lodging in Homestel and private Homes , the university has obligation to them and they are to report any treatment they consider inimical to their welfare . I urge students to abide by the tenancy agreement to sign before occupancy and keep a copy of the tenancy agreement so that we can act when there is any crisis or problem.


According to the Non Residential Constitution , Article 5 clause d spell out that , To undertake viable projects within their constituencies.
Also, Article 3 of the constitution spells out that, To adopt a unified and cohesive approach towards the welfare needs of students as well as improvement of living conditions of students. This means any project to improve the living condition of residents is embraced is accepted.


The Streets lights leading to most hostels in my constituencies are not working or damaged . This makes many students being attacked on their way to their various hostels and these armed robbers are motivated by dark places .there are instances where armed robbers hide by theses areas colleting students belongings and if not lucky these people will hurt you after collecting your belongings.


This problem can be curbed by the provision of streets lights in these areas. According to the Non Residential Constitution , Article 14 clause 2 spell out that , The 3% allocation from the local NUGS dues to non-residential committee shall be reserved for activities of off campus security in consultation with the SRC head of security . With the available fund to solve the problem I believe this problem will get fixed at the end of my Tunure of Office.

                               CONSTITUENCY WATCH       

According to the Non Residential Constitution, Article Clause d spells out that, To suggest ways and means of improving upon the UNRC. The constituency watch will be the avenue through which the residents will voice out their problems for it to be solved or directed to the appropriate quarters.


Engagement with Residents in the various hostels and get feedback from them.
In Conjunction with other Non Residential MP’S will get airtime on Focus Fm to host a Show called Constituency Watch which will Address the Issues.


I will organize Clean up Exercise and Health Screening at the Start of Each Semester which will go a long way to help the People of Kotei.

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