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Kevin Abban Picks Nomination Forms To Contest For SRC President

Kevin Abban, an SRC Presidential aspirant in this year’s SRC elections has picked nomination forms to contest for the office of the President.

In a statement after the forms were bought, the aspirant said the SRC has progressed over the years under various leaderships but he believes students deserve better and his task is to make that happen.

Kevin Abban also touched on some of his major policies and outlined his plans in the statement.

Read the full statement below:

17th June, 2021, my team and I picked the SRC nomination form affirming our interest to lead the students’ front.

The Students’ Representative Council (SRC) has made progress and come this far in pushing for the interests of the students through the leadership of many capable hands these past years. The
progress is commendable but the sky is still our limit, students deserve better and I am here to avail myself to this task.

It has been my vision since I came to this noble institution to see an SRC that has a strong voice for its people. As the constitution of the SRC states emphatically, the SRC should be the mouthpiece of students. My team and I avail ourselves to this course.

There should be a voice that will
advocate on the needs of students in KNUST on the hike in accommodation prices, the need to lobby for scholarships from the International Programs Office, Introduction of a Special Needs office for students, initiation of the TRATECH innovation centre, 3 tier fee paying plan, improve the community watchdog off campus and introduce students protection plan for off campus residents, creation of an internship secretariat, implement the sport for academic credit plan, operationalize 24 hour Students clinic, extending the WIFI connection to outdoor places etc.

The SRC owes it a duty and responsibility to fight for your interest and with joint hands we can
work together to ensure that our journey through here is smooth.

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