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International Students Association Isn’t Left, Team Sesah Unveils A Welfare Package For Them

The International Students Association (ISA) is one body that has been left out when it comes to student leadership and the allocation of resources. The Sesah and Morris Campaign however believes that there is a misconception that these people are rich and don’t have problems.
In order to correct this misconception, the campaign has designed an entire welfare policy to address the needs of less privileged ISA members.

Read the full policy below:


Quite a number of students believe that the International Students Association — ISA students have money therefore allocating resources to them is not a good thing to do and will not go down well with students. This is a wrong perception as most of them go through load of stress and there is very little that the SRC does about it.

It is very difficult living in a foreign country hence the need to assist them and make life more comfortable, to get them to make good recommendations of KNUST to people in their home countries.

The ISA Welfare Package is to reduce the stress International students go through especially with welfare needs. ISA hardly get to benefit from the SRC Welfare schemes even though they contribute hugely to our financial resources. We aim to set aside a policy to help cater for their essentials when the need arises.

Monetary allocations and food packages will be made available to foreign students with their leadership liaising its supply. The International Students Rep and the ISA leadership will work together with the SRC Welfare Committee in ensuring easy and smooth residency permit procurement to reduce the stress they go through and to prevent excessive and unnecessary penalties for students who are uninformed and hence unable to go through with their registration.


Our vision for this initiative is to make the KNUST SRC relevant and very welcoming to all foreign students to make the SRC relevant to them as well. This will go a very long way to enriching the interest foreign students have in KNUST.

The #Defy_The_Odds agenda that we are championing believes that the foreign students matter to the SRC and that they play a very vital role in studentship abilities. Their importance should never belittled and the SRC should ensure that ISA students excel in both their academic and social lives on campus. Join us, as we build a more responsive, collaborative and an empowered SRC that works for you.

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