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Emmanuel Kwame Baidoo Breaks Silence On Personal Attacks On His NASPA Campaign Team

A presidential candidate for the National Service Personnel Association at Oforikrom, Mr Emmanuel Kwame Baidoo has finally broken his silence on the personal attacks and intimidation his campaign team has endured over the weeks from opponents.

The candidate, who is a graduate of KNUST has called the attacks unwarranted and uncalled for.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, much of the campaign activities have been limited to digital spaces – mostly social media platforms. Reports say the association in Oforikrom has several WhatsApp Telegram platforms which facilitate the campaign of all candidates. The candidates and their campaign teams are allowed to share their policies and messages on these platforms but that hasn’t been the case with the camp of Mr. Baidoo who is popular know as Kwame Emma.

Several reports from Mr. Baidoo’s camp have suggested that his team is being stifled and their messages being interrupted from reaching the people by opponents and their supporters. The team has complained about several instances of removal from social media platforms especially Telegram groups which have been the main medium of campaigning.

Some of the campaign team members have explained that the groups are purposely for sharing important information but during election periods, candidates are allowed to use them in campaigning and they have not violated any rules which should warrant their removal but they are being intentionally prevented from putting across, the message of their candidate.

In an interview with Mr. Baidoo who was a former KNUST SRC Vice Presidential Candidate and a student entrepreneur, he disclosed that the attempts being made by his opponents and other invisible faces to stampede his campaign to serve the National Service Personnel in Oforikrom will not deter him.

“They may try to shut our voices or sieze our freedom, the freedom granted by our maker. They must try hard because we were not raised to coil in or loose faith and give up in the end. We are a people of extraordinary courage and braveness.

“We hold on to this battle not to prove winning is possible but to stand for the voices of the oppresed and them that are marginalized. We have the mandate to defend our rights and freedoms. The freedom to speech and choices. We owe a duty to our forebears to resist oppressors rule and demand what we are due i.e improved services, sound policies and respect for diverse opinion. The time is coming for us to cause this change I ask you to join me.”

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