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Corruption in Ghana: The Case of Student Leaders — Hon. Sulley Y. Sumara


(“edidi gya” mentality)

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Martin Luther king Jr said “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”. Too much injustice. Most of our leaders are weak and narrow thinkers. They lack the capacity to make affirmative decisions and actions when they are given the privilege to lead. The self preoccupation (“Edidi Gya”) mentality can easily be described as a phenomenon ahead of selfish interest. I find it difficult to understand the fact that this is a black man mentality. I however state from a personal perspective regarding the use of this particular terminology; “Edidi Gya” mentality is a human attitude. It occurs every where. In every institution there are are bad nuts and these bad nuts irrespective of what they do can be termed positive or negative based on its end results. However that does not make it right.


Narrow mindedness is what is causing all these. Now this is the student situation; When an executive board of an association will strategize refreshments that belongs to students so that they will get a quarter of it as theirs. They call it “lion share”.

When leadership skills is exhibited only at the time of sharing food and money. And there is no doubt these iniquities are presented by some students leaders in UDS Nyankpala Campus.


In a campus situation, this phenomenon is found in the hearts of student leaders that lack God fearing. The essence of God fearing is not felt in the hearts of some student leaders. They begin to think that wealth have been discovered as soon as they are given positions on campus. They forget about putting measures that will bring progression but concentrate on sharing little benefits such as GA meeting allowances, contingencies of budgets and souvenirs that have remained as a result of a preplanned ideology “let us do it in abundance then we can keep the remaining after handing over”. Most of our Student leaders think of their stomachs alone which eventually causes failure to achieve policies.


The SRC on most campuses is the main stream where these attitude is been tapped. They fight over money as low as 20 Cedis. They boast of their efforts at GA meetings which demands allowances. Sometimes it’s even extended to the level where an absentee keeps demanding for sitting allowances. People entrusted with the students money sometimes find ways and means of scooping some percentages of these same allowances into their pockets just because of irregularities been exhibited by other members of the executive board.


A typical scenario with reference is what 2017/18 SRC treasurer did. By inserting ghost names into the payroll of the General Aseembly (G. A) just because he knew most people were not present and they can’t approach him for their money. This strategies are passed on as traits to the next generation of treasurers eventually. Because they will definitely go for orientation from the corrupt out going leader. For your information the perpetrator of this hoax are allowed to pass true the system untouched. This is totally a scam.

Meanwhile minutes and Other happenings at the G.A which are supposed to be disseminated to students is not done.


This is basically because majority of the decision making movement is to sit and discuss week celebrations. Plot and plan to disagree with their fellow executives budgets and innovations just because of personal issues and requesting for sitting allowances and item 13 is always the major priority. Some people don’t even take notes of issues discussed under such meetings. Which level on Nyankpala campus can boast of a very active GA level rep. Some do not even know there is such a portfolio in the SRC.


Point of view


1. G.A meeting schedules must be announced to the students and necessary feedbacks should be channeled to the students through proper means.


2. There is the need for the review of the state of SRC affairs at least at the beginning of every second trimester.


3. The need to query some leaders who shirk their responsibilities and if possible reshuffling or sanctions can be employed. Let us be honest.


4. All executives who have been voted into power presented policies. But when they get the position they forget all these policies. I suggest the GA chairman, the speaker and relevant bodies must sit and review this particular issue and find appropriate measures to them. This is the main cause of laziness and greed among executives.


5. The function of the vetting committee is not to just complete the vetting procedure by qualifying anyone who bought forms and applied. Do the right job even if there is the need to disqualify an incompetent presidential candidate.


Relax for a detailed write-up on the issue of vetting committee and process on UDS Nyankpala campus.








Sulley Yahaya Sumara is a level 400 student of UDS — Nyankpala Campus, reading BSC. Biotechnology and Technology.


He loves sports and often write on issues affecting students and how they can be curbed, especially students’ leadership. He is also the General Secretary of GMSA — Nyankpala Campus.

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