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Leaked Audio Of Hilla Limman Jcr President, Possa President And Others Plans To Rig Elections

As students battle with their quizzes and I.A, the outgoing J.C.R President of the Dr.Hilla Limman Hall, Peter Kofi Keelson-Aikins, with some students have been caught on tape plotting to rig the upcoming J.C.R elections to favour a particular candidate.

In the leak, Mr.Keelson-Aikins and Fritz Moses, a UGSRC 2020 aspirant are heard assuring the candidate of a victory and boasting of having the mechanism in place to give the candidate a win. He was also captured on tape admitting that, they[Rigging Committee] have the vetting committee who will be doing their will. He assured the candidate of a smooth election with the help of “Breezy”(David Quaye, President of the Political Science Students Association).

Again in the audio, Mr.Keelson, is heard saying loud and clear that, the POSSA President, Mr. David Quaye is sitting on the committee, with other members who are purposely there to do the bidding of the J.C.R President [and his people].

The JCR President also made a shocking revelation that “Innocent has got management in his pocket. He has gone to see all the members of the board management, from tutor to mistress to administer to the chief porter and all the porters”. This shocking revelation by the formerly known President of Integrity has raised questions about the fairness of elections in the hall and other elections involving the Hall Management, Innocent, David Quaye and him, the JCR President, Peter Kofi Keelson Aikins.

According to this tape, the potters will give intel from the opposing camp to the candidates of his[Keelson-Aikins] choice.

This goes a long round to confirm earlier speculation that, the University of Ghana wing of TEIN together with JCR President’s who are members of the association are in a grand scheme to maintain their relevance on campus by rigging elections were possible to push other members of the association there.

Speaking to members of the Hall prior to the COVID-19 led suspension of Academics, some senior members of the hall, bemoan the deteriorating nature of the quality of the Hall leadership which was caused by the over politicization of the election of hall executives.

We are following these events keenly and promise to update our readers on every single information we get.



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