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UDS Vice Chancellor Apologizes to Graduands for Restricting Graduation to First Class Studen

The Vice Chancellor of the University for Development Studies, Professor Gabriel Ayum Teye has rendered an apology to the University’s graduating class of 2020.

UDS Vice Chancellor

This was at yesterday’s 21st congregation where the Vice Chancellor lamented that only few of the graduating class of 2020 were allowed to take part in the graduation physically.

In his address he said “I wish to apologize sincerely to the thousands of students who have wished to be here physically, but for the situation”


Prof. Teye however said that this was necessary since the lives of the students matter more than the graduation ceremony. More so, they can always take their certificates anytime.


“I wish you will need your certificates to be alive and work with it than to come to this ceremony and perhaps go home and it will be something else” the VC reiterated.

This year’s graduation was different from previous graduation ceremonies. This is due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, which has restricted public gatherings.


While over 4,600 students graduated this year, it was only a hand-full who were made to attend the graduation physically.


Prior to the graduation, the university council took measures to reduce possible risks of spreading the COVID-19. Among many were to allow only first class undergraduate and diploma students, postgraduate and Ph.D candidates to join the graduation physically.

The rest of the students were asked to join online via zoom or stream Iive on the University’s YouTube channel.


The VC used the opportunity to thank the staff of the University who embraced the e-learning system and were patient to finish up their various courses with students amidst COVID-19. This he said has been challenging especially, since some students live in places which are not connected to the internet.

Bukari Ayuba|campus360gh.com

Source : Campus 24/7News

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