Update On The Inter-Zonal Commonwealth Debate and Quiz Competition-ATU


The long awaited debate and quiz competition was held yesterday on 8th October,2019 at the ATU new auditorium. This was between the Accra Technical University Parliament House and the Islamic University Parliament House. The ATU-Parliament house partnered with the Westminster Foundation for democracy, Parliament of Ghana and Commonwealth  for democracy.

The program started with Mr.David Ekow from the Westminster foundation giving our audience short encouragement and how being Democratic is important.

He was our host for the day steering the affairs of the program.

It started with the debate where every house gave us three representatives including the principal and supporting speakers. The topic was “Ghana should celebrate Founders day and not founder’s day. ATU was for the motion while Islamic university was against.

ATU began by saying unity is important and no one can do anything alone and will always need help from others  and should celebrate the Big Six whiles the Islamic university said the nation should celebrate only nkrumah since he is recognized internationally. This went on for 30 mins with ATU emerging with a total of 72 points whiles Islamic university emerged with 73.3 points.

Then it went to the quiz where every institution was represented by two people and it was divided into three rounds

The first round being general questions about Parliament.

The second being about word construction and the third being questions on Commonwealth and knowing your MPs.

It also went on for an hour where ATU emerged with a total of 68 points whiles Islamic university emerged with a total of 52.3.

At the end of all, ATU Parliament house emerged winners for the day .

Also certificates were given out for all those who participated and attended the program.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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