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” Death Pries”

Nature called me to war
Neither was the battle inevitable nor compromising
It was by the skin of my teeth against it’s diverse soldiers, Death was the strategos
My instinct had epiphany of the menace
I hearkened to my instinct as it lies not
My unabridged sphere twinned vulnerability
It ensued in a fit of pique
Subsequently, my spirit whispered to my soul:
“Death doesn’t negotiate, it’s egocentric and a narcissist
You can’t maneuver with melee
Lay your arms down, say your dying wish as you and victory are poles apart no more Paradise is your new home and death is the doormat to Your peaceful habitation”
I’ve won against nature,My soul and the birds own the sky, My spirit is my soulmate
My skeleton is the attestation of my trounce against nature

*By:Juliet La Poétesse* ♥️

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