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A Letter To My Heart


A letter to my heart

Dear Heart

Words cannot express the things I want to say to you

I have this pent – up emotions inside of me which can just burst out of sheer happiness thinking about all what you have done for me

I could clearly remember how you soothe me anytime I have nightmares

You just know the right words to say to me to make me feel better

Even when  I embarked on a journey of self-harm
You did not abandon me but guided me through the process of self discovery

I call you the king of my life because my life would have been meaningless without you

I call you my protector because you safeguard my innermost secrets with your life

Putting up with my anger tantrums even marvels me

I am lost for  words

I love you and will always love you for eternity

Yours faithfully

Naa dromor

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