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A Fairy Tale


I used to be a happy person in love.

We were inseparable, attached to the hips.

My world revolved around him to the extent of me breaking down anytime he is away from me.

His caresses reverberates as echoes in my mind.

His kindness made me feel like I am floating above the universe.

He was like a steel where I could lay all my Burdens and he wouldn’t falter.

He promised to be devoted and committed to me which always made my heart do flip flops.

Then one solemn night, my world came crashing down in torrents.
I kept on repeating the mantra of he loves me, he can’t do that to me.

I guess I was just been silly.

Why was I so dumb?

The red lines were so clear.
But I held onto the belief that he could never hurt me which he did.

Maybe I am not meant to be have a happy ending.

All this was just a fairy tale.

Naa Dromor

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