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The University Hall ‘Art and Write’ Contest

The Editorial board of University Hall – KNUST (Katanga) by this communique announces to the members of the Hall that submissions for the *Maiden Edition of the Art & Write contest* has begun.

Are you an artist? Or writer? Do you dip your brush, pencil or pen into the core of your soul to create masterpieces which leave people slack-jawed?

Then this contest is for you!

This contest is for artist and writers alike.

Do you have an art piece you want to showcase? Then this contest is for you.

Are you a writer? Can you write poetry? Can you write articles about the hall or articles on health, relationships, entrepreneurship etc? Can you write short stories or can you write a joke that can leave people laughing for hours?
Then this contest is for you.

Amazing prizes from sponsors.
Art piece or write up published in the Katalog (Kat Magazine).
Art piece or write up shortlisted for periodic publication on Katanga Hall notice board
…and many more!!

Submit your entries from now to *15th March,2019* after which we will not accept any entry.
Do submit yours ASAP.

Note that all shortlisted and winners of the contest will be contacted by the board for further discussions


It’s simple!

⏺ You *must* be a member of the hall. Level is not a problem. You can be in level 100, 200, 300 or 400 and still participate.

⏺The art piece or write up you submit must be your own work. No plagiarized work will be accepted 🚫

⏺The art piece or write up can be a newly created piece for the contest or an already created piece.

_To submit a write up,
1.Write on any of the aforementioned categories/topics.

2. Add your name, level, course and phone number to the write up.

3. Email it to katanga.ediboard@gmail.com

4. We will send you a message when your entry is received.

To submit an art piece,
1.Work on your new art piece.

2. Add your *name, level, course and phone number* to the art piece.

3. Seal it in a brown envelope (for safety sake).

4. Submit it to the Katanga Hall Assistants Office

follow any of these steps to submit your masterpiece and voila! you will be in running to win amazing prizes

For more information and clarification, contact:

Boakye Dacosta [Alpha]
+233 544 872413
(Deputy Editor-in-chief, Communications)

Obed Arthur [Abrantie]
+233 24 270 2742
(Deputy Editor-in-chief )



Official communique released by university Hall Ediboard ✒

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