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AURA Flights, The Company Taking Photography To The Next Level Using Drone Technology

Years ago, the photography space was dominated by conventional modes and devices until AURA FLIGHTS joined with a wide range of services, providing excellent value for customers at reliably affordable rates with the help of drone technology.

AURA FLIGHTS is team of geomatic engineers and cinematographers who work with modern drones to provide its frequently increasing customers with a wide range of services including but not limited to photography, photogrammetry and aerial 3D modelling, volumetric analysis and site inspection, and drone photography.

With the help of their modern unmanned aerial vehicles, they bring you the best aerial data and highly accurate topographical maps for your mapping projects and other data driven projects.

If you are looking for accurate data and analysis on your new site, piece of land, or construction sites etc, AURA is there to provide. With their drones, capturing high quality images and other spatial information, they are able to calculate deformation measurements, area and volumes on your field, and fault detection on sites.

You can equally invite them to that one lifetime memory-packed event you are planning. They capture every little detail of your marriage ceremonies, parties, anniversaries and many more, giving you the best and lasting memories you wouldn’t have without them.

Check more of their services below:

Topographical Surveys
Digital Elevation Models
(DEMs) and Digital Terrain Models (DTMs)
GIS Asset Management
Aerial 3D modelling
2D and 3D orthomosaics

Volumetric analysis
Site inspection
Project progress inspection
Deformation measurement
Asset Management with GIS

Wildlife photography
Recreational photography
Occasional photography graduations, weddings, parties and many more
Film making & Documentaries
4K video footages
Post production

To reach out to AURA and enjoy their services at most affordable prices in the market, reach out:


KNUST, Kumasi Ghana

Phone:+(233) 50 613 4941

+(233) 54 069 4827

Email: info.auraflights@gmail.com

Website: iflyaura.com

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