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All You Need To Know About KNUST’s No 1 Hostel Booking Platform, Launching Today

For a long time now, accommodation has been a crisis in KNUST. More hostels continue to pop-up to fill the void but the crisis keeps climbing as students intake also continues to increase.

According to data available to us, more than 73% of KNUST’s current student populace lives off-campus. They live in hostels in Kotei, Ayeduase, Bomso and communities surrounding the university.

One struggle students face in getting accommodation off campus is high prices which partly results from the use of dubious middlemen, some who absconded with the monies of their customers.

Another problem students face is accessibility. While school is on break, students are forced to move from across Ghana to Kumasi and look for a hostel which takes days, that is if you didn’t get one before leaving campus.

These challenges and a lot more are what Rentax is solving. Rentax is giving the opportunity to students to book hostels while at home anywhere in the country, with ease and comfortability.

Rentax is a comprehensive web application platform that will allow you access every information you need to make an informed decision of being in a particular Hostel. In addition, the platform would allow you to make reservations at your hostel of choice.

Rentax offers you the best of the best accommodation opportunities with the best affordable prices and your safety in mind.

Rentax will be launched on August 17 and students can start booking hostels on their platforms.

Visit www.rentaxgh.com for more info




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