Eminence Awards is a top-level and impactful award scheme developed by RAD Communications Limited to recognize, encourage and honour positive works of young people in our society. This award promises to serve as a springboard for many young people who aspire to reach higher heights with their works, efforts and contribution to national development. Our focus for the past 4 years has been on students in communications. We seek to encourage young communicators, honour outstanding student personalities and recognize the works of young people.


In light of recent years, a lot of tertiary institutions have come to accept that acknowledging students not only in the academic field but in different aspects have a positive impact on one’s life by awarding them for the good they do outside the classroom or lecture halls.

Over the past 4 years, RAD Communications have been organizing this amazing event and awarding students who excel in the various niches that they have chosen outside the lecture halls that otherwise may not have been recognized be it in their talents; music, poetry, fashion, humanitarian, entrepreneurial skills and the likes.


This year, Campus 360 KNUST partners RADComm Campus to host the maiden KNUST edition of the Eminence Awards and the expectations are high because of the various successes of the students over the years which have gone unnoticed. The students have to be honoured to do their best wherever they find themselves, whether it is their academics or other extracurricular activities or even their God-given talent.

KNUST Eminence Awards is organized by RADComm Campus in partnership with Campus 360 KNUST.



Nominations Open on 27th September 2019


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